Ghia-bodied Maserati 5000GT “Desert” Find

Ghia-bodied Maserati 5000GT “Desert” Find

Have a read about this one-off model bodied by Ghia found in the desert after 50 years! The 5000GT was built in low volume between 1959 and 1965 with 34 built. Most were built by Allemano with some built by Frua, Touring, Monterosa, Pininfarina, Michelotti and Touring. Interestingly the Michelotti version was different to the one he designed for Allemano (22 of the 34) built.

Touring built the first one for the Shah of Iran (Persia) who liked the 3500GT but wanted more of everything! Pininfarina built one for Gianni Agnelli (FIAT) and this one by Ghia was built for Ferdinando Innocenti, founder of the Innocenti marque that manufactured Lambretta scooters and cars based on British Leyland designs until being swallowed by FIAT and closed down.

The base car had a revised motor from the Maserati 450S racer with a 4.9 litre V8 delivering 325hp.

Maserati 5000GT Ghia

Maserati 5000GT by Ghia

Interestingly, prior to this car appearing I had some instagram shots of a road test:

This car would "only" do 152 mph (244 kmh) and with different gearing, one reached 170 mph (273 kmh)!