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We welcome new members to our club.

Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in Maserati, whether you own a car or not.

Membership runs through the calendar year. If you join after September 1st you will received the following year as part of your membership.

Please use this form to register for Maserati Club membership. Payment can be made via credit card or PayPal.


Vehicle Details

Full Membership Full membership carries voting rights and acts as an opt-in to receive club information via electronic means, participate in social activities including those to which the club is invited by other Confederation of Australian Motors Sports (CAMS) affiliated clubs and membership of CAMS itself.
Associate Membership Carries the same rights as above excluding voting rights.An associate member is a person who does not qualify as a full member or family member who is willing to be actively involved in all activites of the CMA an whose ultimate aim is to own a Maserati.
I wish to apply for membership of Club Maserati Australia Inc. and if elected to membership I agree to abide by the Rules of the Club and of the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport to which the club is affiliated. I have completed the details required above and made payment of the total fees applicable for my membership.