Historic Registration

Conditional Registration - Historic Vehicles

Approval has been granted by the RMS for the issue of Historic Vehicle registration to members of Club Maserati Australia Inc. and is available to all financial members of Club Maserati Australia Inc. who reside in NSW. Club Maserati Inc. is a member of the CMC NSW (Council of Motor Clubs) who represent over 160 motoring clubs with the NSW State Government.

Conditional Registration is intended for qualified vehicles 30 years of age (or older) that are not used as daily transport. The NSW RMS administers this scheme, not the club and there are limitations on the vehicles usage under the Conditional Registration policy. These limitations are fully explained in the Rules for Conditional Registration.

The current (2019) RMS fees for the first year of a vehicles historic registration is $68.00 which includes the plate fee. This does not include the Green Slip Third Party Insurance which varies based on the vehicles shape, usage and area of operation. The RMS posts yearly renewals, as for normal registration, and the Club must issue a new 1259 Form and the member must obtain a Pink Slip prior to renewing.

If you have a car that qualifies and you are interested to learn more please read the RULES FOR CONDITIONAL REGISTRATION-HISTORIC VEHICLES

If you would like to proceed you can contact the club's historic vehicle registrar, Bob Kimpton, who can provide you with:

  • The RMS Application Form
  • The Maserati Club Historic Rego Form 1216.
    (This form is issued each year by the Club and declares you are a Financial Member and that your car qualifies)
  • Plus you will require a current Safety Inspection Report (Pink Slip)

Then you can make your application at any RMS Office and enjoy the benefits that this scheme offers.

If you have any questions or would like to take advantage of the scheme please contact:

Bob Kimpton 0417 442 158 or bob@valveman.com.au.


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