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Maserati has reached a milestone that few companies have done - 100+ years in existence and this is an outstanding achievement for a company focused on low volume yet high quality vehicles.

Club Maserati Australia is a group of owners and enthusiasts of one of the worlds oldest marques - and a marque that has a rich history in racing.

Our members share a passion for Maserati and have a wide technical knowledge of the cars as well as the enjoyment of driving these beautiful machines.

This web site houses a collection of club materials and articles from other media sources to share the wonderful experience of Maserati!

“The thinking man’s Ferrari”
Thoroughbred & Classic Cars magazine, December 2014.

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Shannons Sydney Classic 2022


Maserati Breakfast Run East to La Peruse


Committee Meeting


Maserati Mid Week Lunch Run to Silverdale

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Maserati Alt weekend to Gundagai

Maserati mid-week run through flood ravaged Richmond all the way to Kurrajong.

Mid-Week Run to Saddles

3Gs and 2Bs Long Weekend

Maserati run to Nowra Butter Factory