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Maserati has reached a milestone that few companies have done - 100+ years in existence and this is an outstanding achievement for a company focused on low volume yet high quality vehicles.

Club Maserati Australia is a group of owners and enthusiasts of one of the worlds oldest marques - and a marque that has a rich history in racing.

Our members share a passion for Maserati and have a wide technical knowledge of the cars as well as the enjoyment of driving these beautiful machines.

This web site houses a collection of club materials and articles from other media sources to share the wonderful experience of Maserati!

“The thinking man’s Ferrari”
Thoroughbred & Classic Cars magazine, December 2014.

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Maserati Quattroporte Autopompa Anticendio

This was probably one of the fastest fire trucks in its day - a 1967 Maserati Quattroporte converted for duties at the Monza and Imola racetracks. The vehicle was commissioned by CEA Estinori in the early 70s and the coachwork was by Grazie. CEA used it from 1973 to 1978 to get to racing accidents and it was fitted with Continue Reading

1947 AMP Special

I found this in an advertisement for an auction a while back through Automotive Masterpieces and as they described it, it was a mix of pre-war winning machines and post war race success! The AMP Special was powered by an engine by Alfa Romeo (A) on a Maserati chassis (M) and built by Placido Prete (P), hence the name. This Continue Reading

The Mantaray Hot Rod – A Film Star!

Ever wondered what happened to the pre-war Maserati Grand Prix cars - we see many at Goodwood and other race circuits in historic racing, however they ended up in all sorts of odd places. The Mantaray hot rod was built by Dean Jeffries in 1963 - he was a buddy of Carroll Shelby of AC Cobra fame and had done Continue Reading

The Caterham Levante V8

When I heard about this car I thought that it was amazing that someone should squeeze a Maserati Levante V8 into the Caterham 7 - the successor to the hugely successful Lotus Seven and the official Seven after they bought the rights from Lotus. In its base form the Caterham is a very quick, light two seater with minimal equipment Continue Reading