The Maserati International Rally – MIR 2023 – Barcelona.

The Maserati International Rally – MIR 2023 – Barcelona.

MIR 2023 – Barcelona. The Maserati International Rally.

In a dazzling display of luxury and speed, a spectacular Maserati rally took place in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, on a 4-day weekend in September 2023. This event brought together Maserati enthusiasts from around the world for a thrilling and unforgettable experience on the streets of this vibrant city. A strong Australian contingent made the journey and represented well.

A Show of Elegance and Power:

The rally began early in the morning as the 120 Maseratis, featuring a stunning array of models, gathered at a central W hotel in Barcelona. The sight of these Italian sports cars lined up along the city's iconic boulevards was nothing short of breathtaking. From classic GranTurismo models to the latest MC20, Ghibli and Levante SUVs, there was a Maserati for every taste.

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Spain:

In an extraordinary display of automotive excellence, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya played host to a remarkable event, a breathtaking Maserati sports car cavalry. As the formation took shape, the Maserati convoy completed a series of thrilling parade laps around the circuit. The powerful engines produced a symphony of sound, echoing off the grandstands and providing an unforgettable auditory experience for those in attendance. The sight of 120 Maserati’s gracefully navigating the race circuit left onlookers in awe.

Scenic Route Through Mountains and Villages (Pueblos):

The rally route was carefully planned to showcase the beauty of Barcelona's northern mountains. The convoy of Maserati’s cruised through picturesque hillside towns. Participants were able to enjoy the scenic views, local hospitality, all while experiencing the powerful performance of their Maseratis on the open roads.

Evening Gala Celebration:

The rally concluded with an evening gala celebration at W’s luxurious Barcelona seaside venue. Participants and guests were treated to a fine dining experience, live entertainment, and an awards ceremony to recognize the most exceptional Maseratis and their owners. It was a night filled with camaraderie and shared enthusiasm for these iconic Italian sports cars.

Todd Gilmour – CMA Chief Judge.