Auto Italia 2024

Auto Italia 2024

To all those who braved the elements, I'm sure you were glad you made the effort. Bronwyn and Nigel Morton kicked off the National Maserati Club joining cocktail party and dinner on Saturday evening with Manhattans and Maserati's. The brightest of yellow Maserati's, supplied by President David Stuart-Watt and President John Gove, set off the diamond solitaire that was the brand new Maserati GranTurismo provided by Maserati Australia.

As the crowd was properly primed, we indulged in some great quality fare, including scallop ceviche and separately stuffed zucchini flowers, followed by mains of beef and truffle mushroom risotto. Wow!

John Gove welcomed the 100 guests to celebrate the 110th year of Maserati. Special guest Maserati Australia GM Grant Barling laid out the future plans, new plants, and the upcoming model line up.

Sunday started grey, but the looming clouds held at bay for a very successful 2024 Auto Italia. The Maserati display, visible to all as they entered the main gate, was out in force with colours and shapes to inspire the imagination.

The Best Maserati was a tight judges' decision, but the victor was the desirable 1967 Maserati Ghibli I that Mark and Michelle presented stylishly. Runner-up was the Maserati Khamsin of Sid. Sid, noticeably chuffed and at 95 years young, served as an inspiration to us all. I believe there's a separate story there for a later date.

Extra mention goes to all who took their treasured Maseratis out in some nasty weather to make the weekend a success, and to MOCA's 23 vehicles that toured from Victoria to Queanbeyan, NSW.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this event memorable and successful.

Best regards,

Todd Gilmour, Chief Judge.