Maserati long weekend to Bathurst Orange 8-10 March

Maserati long weekend to Bathurst Orange 8-10 March

Maserati long weekend to Bathurst Orange 8-10 March


We met at the M4 service centre for coffee, but things didn’t get off to a good start, a truck crash in the M4 tunnel meant late arrivals.

Despite this we all received our obligatory coffee shot and headed to Mt Victoria for a comfort stop with Mark Fabian (Black Panther) sweeping with radio contact to the lead.

The Great Western Highway was a great run with light traffic and we all arrived at Mt Victoria OK, but wait, Katherine has missed a turn but not far behind. After many phone calls and discussions, no she is not behind but at Hartley already; we scramble and head to Hartley to make a pick up enroute to Bathurst.

The highway was in good condition and we made up time to arrive at the Bathurst motor museum on schedule. We paid our dues and the ladies on the counter recognised Denis Cribbin, so we were able to circulate the museums’ treasures with royalty among us. With history satisfied we headed to the track for a few laps with Joey Clark in the lead. After photos top and bottom we were due some refreshments and headed to Dogwood BX for a motoring lunch were we met up with Richard Brown and Beatrice. It turns out there is also a ‘Dog Box’ at Kelso and Siri took the Cribbins to that restaurant instead; we didn’t hear whether it was canines only!

With full stomachs it was time for culture and we walked across the road to the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery. The digital/painting/clothing display by the one artist was inspiring and confronting at the same time and got the conversations going. After a few purchases and culture fulfilled we headed to our various Hotels at Orange.

Mark Fabian organised Italian for dinner Friday night and so we enjoyed a drink at Washington and Co, a local bar and then walked to our restaurant for a wonderful night of country Italian cooking.


We ensured we spread our breakfast spend around different venues in Orange and then the wine buffs boarded the Coach for our local wine tour. Those not drinking had a great day out exploring the region and picking up local produce.

Our first venue was Phillip Shaw wines quite close to town and our table was ready for us when we arrived. Our hosts provided a history of the wine region as well as Philip Shaw as we tasted our way through the 6 set wines. Our host then boasted about some of their better quality wines and before we knew it those bottles arrived for additional tasting. Our day had got of to a fine start and wine orders began to flow.

We boarded our bus and then headed out of town, the President then remarked we were too far out of town and before we knew it we had arrived at the wrong winery! The bus driver then did a quick U-turn and we headed in the right direction to Swinging Bridge wines.

Again our hosts were ready for us with table set and cheese plates ready for us to enjoy. The wines were explained as was the history of the farm that had been in the family for 3 generations. Again additional wines were offered beyond the standard tasting package and by now we were all experts. The actual Swinging Bridge is still on the property and now used as a pedestrian bridge.

When our time was up we boarded the bus again and headed to Stockmans Ridge wines.

Stockmans Ridge is a husband and wife family affair with children around the grounds and more on the way. We were accommodated on a long table on the verandah with beautiful views over the vineyards and the valley. A young lady played guitar and sang for us as we worked our way through the tasting list and the food platters that were prepared for us. No one wanted to leave.

The sun was getting lower, the purchases had been made and our rooms awaited for a little nap before our Saturday night dinner, so we boarded the bus and headed back to the Hotel. We should mention that Richard and Beatrice drove the 430 behind the bus dutifully for the whole of the tour.

After our calming nap we walked to the Hotel Orange for pre-dinner drinks, Charred Restaurant and its degustation was waiting and so we arrive right on time for dinner. We did notice that we had to walk past about 1000 bottles of wine to get to our table, what a wine list.

The group sat on two tables and then the murmuring started, $250 a bottle, $40 for a glass of shiraz! So we combed the wine list and found wine to everyone’s liking and the food courses then began. Well the presentation, the taste, the individual provision for dietary requirements, the Chef didn’t disappoint us.

The night rolled on, it got quite late but a satisfied Maserati team picked themselves up and had a slow but pleasant walk back to our hotels, apologies to Mark Fabian for being left behind in the restaurant, accidently.


A late start, again we spread our monies around the cafes in Orange for breakfast and then mustered for the trip across to Milthorpe, a quaint and historic NSW town that we all enjoyed as a free roam.

We mustered again then then headed across to Blaney to visit Maserati Member Baden Marsden AM in his natural environment, his workshop(s). Club members spent over 1.5hrs with Baden, reviewing his cars, his approach, his history and all things mechanical engineering, including his 3200 and Monaro! Wonderous things always happen on club runs and Leura based members Walter and Katherine were out and about in Milthorpe, ran into Denis Cribbin who let them know we were all at Baden’s and so they came. So wonderful to have extra club members join us to enjoy Baden’s workshops.
Before we departed some members took advantage of the situation to ask Baden for advice on issues with their cars, of course he obliged.

It was time to depart, some were heading back to Orange for an extra night, some heading home. Part of the group therefore dined at the Royal in Blaney for lunch, others headed for Leura cafes at Walter’s suggestion and some just head home.

Another successfully Maserati Club weekend.

David Stuart-Watt