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The Maserati International Rally – MIR 2023 – Barcelona.

MIR 2023 – Barcelona. The Maserati International Rally. In a dazzling display of luxury and speed, a spectacular Maserati rally took place in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, on a 4-day weekend in September 2023. This event brought together Maserati enthusiasts from around the world for a thrilling and unforgettable experience on the streets of…
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Club Maserati Australia Concours 2023

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Club Maserati Concours, Lunch and Tour. 2023.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your unwavering dedication to the meticulous cleaning and comprehensive maintenance of your prized Maserati. Your collective efforts were instrumental in ensuring the success of our recent gathering, and it was truly a day to remember. We were fortunate to have the perfect weather and received exemplary hospitality in the picturesque Highlands.

Special appreciation is due to Vince and Jen for their efforts in setting up an inviting display area adorned with flags and banners. Thank you, Dana, for organizing the windscreen forms and ensuring everyone had crisp name tags. Nestled amidst the serene beauty of the tree-lined landscape between the vines. Their work was nothing short of impressive.

I would also like to acknowledge David Stuart-Watt for leading the team from Camden to Bendooley for their exceptional assembly of the Maserati tridents. It was a display that would have undoubtedly pleased the sea god himself.

In addition, we owe a debt of gratitude to our esteemed judges Nigel Morton, Bruce Lott, Don Crutchley, and Joe Quattrocchi. Their task of determining the class and overall winners proved to be one of the most challenging in recent memory.

The results of their meticulous deliberation are as follows:

Historic Class (Pre-1981): Maserati Ghibli I - Richard Freemantle

Classic Class (1981 – 1999): Maserati Ghibli II - Colin Allerdice

3200, 4200, Gransport, Spyder Class: Maserati Spyder - David Stuart-Watt

GranTurismo, Gran Cabrio Class: GranTurismo - Walter and Rose Kmet

Quattroporte V & VI Class: Maserati Quattroporte V - Steve and Carmel Haywood

Ghibli III Class: Maserati Ghibli III - Sam and Beatrice Tantillo

Levente Class: Maserati Levente - Denis and Irene Cribbin

A special mention goes to our honorary judge, Joe Quattrocchi, who faced the arduous task of selecting the "Best of Show." After careful consideration of both vintage and contemporary classes, he was particularly impressed by Steve's Quattroporte. However, it was the historic vehicles - the Indy, QP I, Khamsin, and Ghibli I - that truly captured the essence of originality and impeccable presentation. In the end, the brilliance of the sunlit 1969 4.7L Maserati Ghibli in its resplendent fly yellow hue could not be denied. Its torpedo-shaped design serves as a timeless emblem of sophistication and Italian elegance.

For those who embraced the "Tour" element of the day, a scenic one-hour country road loop was organized after the awards ceremony. It served as a reminder that Maserati cars are meant to be driven, not just admired. A special thanks goes to Andrew Dunne for generously dedicating his time to scout the route and lead the tour on the day.

Once again, thank you all for your collective dedication and passion for Maserati, and for making this event truly exceptional. We look forward to many more memorable gatherings in the future.


Todd Gilmour – Chief Judge.