Monthly Archives: November 2020

Maserati Concourse & Picnic 2020 Hunter Valley

Overall Best Maserati for the Day and winner of Class 3  3200, 4200 and 4200 Grandsports 1998 – 2007. Nigel Moreton Winner of Class 4 - Biturbo Modern Classic Colin Allerdice Winner of Class 2 - Gran Turismo 2007 - 2019 Ken Willimont Winner of Class 1 - Ghibli 2013 to present Sam Tantillo Special…
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Post Lockdown Story by Ken & Kelly

We are lucky enough to have a vehicle made by Maserati, a company that has also recently celebrated its 100 years. In the magazine you were looking for 'post lockdown' stories, so I thought you might like the below details and photos from our recent trip to Mudgee in our Gran Turismo. The car had…
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