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Scuderia Cavallino Servizio

Scuderia Cavallino Servizio Ferrari & Maserati factory trained since 2001 Meet Vittorio Giudice At a very young age I knew I wanted to work on exotic cars. I started dismantling and repairing cars at the age of 10 years old as my father was a panel beater and I would watch and learn from him. He…
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Maserati GranSport Ownership Experience

Maserati GranSport Ownership Experience By Bruce Lott I purchased my 2005 GranSport 7 years ago in late 2013, using it for daily transport for part of that time. I now have extensive Maserati driving experience, enjoying 84,000 km on top of the 90,000 km I bought it with. My car was imported from England by…
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