Monthly Archives: January 2020

Maserati Appear in “Hot 30”!

Late last year, Classic Cars magazine, a UK based publication published an article about their "Hot 30" - the thirty cars that they see has been highly sought after classic machines. It was nice to see three models in the list: the Bora, 3500GT and Mistral. You can read about them here: Page 1 Page…
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Ghia-bodied Maserati 5000GT “Desert” Find

Have a read about this one-off model bodied by Ghia found in the desert after 50 years! The 5000GT was built in low volume between 1959 and 1965 with 34 built. Most were built by Allemano with some built by Frua, Touring, Monterosa, Pininfarina, Michelotti and Touring. Interestingly the Michelotti version was different to the…
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