Auto Italia 2022 Wrap

By Todd Gilmore

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WE WON!!!!!!!!!!! Well, it’s the royal “WE”, we won. But I feel comfortable saying that as we bond very much like family. The Maserati Family. Peter White and his Maserati Sebring 3700 GTI Series II won the Best of Show for Auto Italia 2022. Congratulations! Only 7 series 1 and 2 Sebring’s were delivered to Australia. A very rare car. The Sebring was very advanced at the time with disk brakes all around, 5 speed gearbox, fuel injection and twin cam. Air conditioning, electric windows and sumptuous leather prove a winning combination of Tech and Luxury.

“It’s a good car” I heard the judge say, “With some serious WOW factor.” Their keen eye guessed it would be in with a chance.

Congratulations to the Maserati Marque Winners:

Best Maserati - Peter White Sebring

1st Runner Up - Richard Fremantle Ghibli

2nd Runner Up - Walter Kmet Gran Turismo

A good mix of Masers gathered from Sydney for a cruise down to Canberra. With ever strong Drive Captain David Stuart-Watt on the sideline with an injury; Ken Wilmott led the way. Maserati members always seem to jump in and help. Thank you very much Ken. Side note, Ken made the final and second place as best dressed Male at the event. I think Ken is a sure bet for victory next year.

On Saturday night the National Maserati Club dinner is growing in strength. Special thanks to Richard, Jane, Lucy, Anna, Dana, Bronny, Nigel and Andrew took control of marshaling and security for the 160 people. 14 cars made the journey from Victoria led by President John Gove. John graciously welcomed all who attended the dinner. Including Maserati Australia General Manager Grant Barling, the deputy Mayor the Hon. Biscotti, the whole Auto Italia committee led by President Tony Hanrahan and multiple Australian Driver Champion Spencer Martin. GM Grant Barling had a nice surprise for many bringing the brand-new Maserati MC20. A rocket of a machine filled with technology. It looks fast just standing still. You really must see it in real life as photos can’t grasp its design attributes to full effect. It’s beautiful. Tech and Luxury are still winning for Maserati

Auto Italia Sunday. The first keen car to arrive was a Maserati and it didn’t stop there. 38 had registered and 2 new dealer cars. I’m not sure if anyone counted but we had so many we had to double stack a second row. Again, top member Bruce Lott planned the layout with his first assistant and photographer Colin Allerdice, now a permanent member of the team if he’s happy with the job. Well done Bruce and Colin you make the tetras challenge look easy.

400 Italian vehicles came on the day and thousands of spectators. Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, Ferrari Lamborghini, Iso, De Tomaso, Ducati, Moto Guzzi and Lambretta and I’m sure I have forgotten someone, OH, well of course, Maserati. 25 Judges whittled the 400 to 8 cars and 2 bikes. A serious selection reduced that number to 4. Then 10 honorary judges armed with the brief statement “Mostrare Migliore” or show best, for best of show. It took no time for a one-sided decision. MASERATI the winner!

Again, our Maserati family shows true Italian style with a lot of Australian spirit.

Thanks to the Victorian’s and others who made long trips. Maserati Australia, Warren Saunders, Benedict Sands and Cowra Quartz, Bruce Lott, Colin Allerdice, John and Judy Gove, Stephen Wells (we hope Marta’s foot has a fast recovery) Richard, Jane, Lucy, Anna, Dana, Bronny, Nigel and Andrew for their support and see you all again soon.