Mid-Week Maserati Club Run to Wollongong May 2021

Mid-Week Maserati Club Run to Wollongong May 2021

Mid Week Maserati Lunch Run to Wollongong - May 2021

David Stuart-Watt

On a bright Autumn Thursday in May Maserati members, Sam and Beatrice, Ken and Kelly, Lucia and sister Rena, John, together with club captain David and Charlotte, met at Sylvania in Sydney’s south to take the scenic route to The Lagoon restaurant in Nth Wollongong for a sumptuous lunch.


After a morning coffee and a few toasties five beautiful Maserati’s set off along the Princess Highway to the turn-off to the Royal National Park.  At the National Park entrance booth we assured the representative that were out for a drive and not stopping in the park and hence not require to pay entry fees.

We descended the narrow winding road in to the valley and across the scenic Audley Weir, we then climbed a similar road out of the valley towards the coast. Once on the plateau the road widened the speed limited increased and the forest turned to a wind-swept native scrub land. Sir Bertram Stevens Drive then descended into lush forest and we join Lady Wakehurst Drive for a smooth ride through closed in canopies and all the beauty of the National Park.

As we travelled south we climbed out of the forest and into the open and made a stop at Bald Hill Reserve lookout to meet up with Andrew and his historic Maserati and take in the magnificent views of the south coast.


After an enjoyable stop six Maserati’s made their way up Lawrence Hargrave Drive to Helensburg and then down the Old Princess highway to The Gateway Centre atop Bulli Pass.

More views, toilet and visitor centre stop; the gelato was tempting however our lunch venue was in sight, literally.


After a short high speed drive down the final section of the M1 and then a very busy drive down Mt Ousley where the kerbside lane was almost a continuous convoy of trucks top to bottom, we got to our turn off toward Nth Wollongong.

The picturesque Nth Wollogong beach was in front of us as we made our way around the parkland to The Lagoon restaurant perched on the side of the Para Creek lagoon opposite the beach, what a view.

Six Maserati’s made their way to the restaurant car park were spaces were waiting for us right next to the entrance.


Our table for 10 was beautifully set for us in the window and with outstanding service and more than ample and delicious food servings the team settle back for a wonderful lunch with conversation and laughter all round.


At the end of our time commitments were made to meet for the run north in August and with satisfied taste buds, and stomachs, we departed for home with a commitment from Andrew to join the Club.

Join us in wishing a warm welcome to our newest club member.