Maserati trip to Gosford Waterfront

Maserati trip to Gosford Waterfront

We met for coffee and breakfast at Patina in Wahroonga, however there was a mother’s group in the park and so competition for parking.

Mark Fabian was smart enough to arrive early and was able to secure a table.

Unfortunately, Colin and Maria were unable to go to lunch on the day but still joined us for coffee and a chat.

Good coffee drunk we set off on the Old Pacific Highway and followed that route all the way to Gosford. The traffic was light and so we had a smooth ride all the way through the beautiful native forests.

We planned to arrive early for lunch and our decision paid off as there were enough car spaces on the Wharf itself for our group to park.

Vince and Jen were there waiting for us as we found our way to a waterside table.

The restaurant wasn’t busy and so our lunch was prepared in good time, still allowing for plenty of chat.

After much talking and eating our group said their goodbyes and we hit the motorway for a fast trip home.