Maserati Seafood Spectacular at The Lagoon Restaurant Nth Wollongong

Maserati Seafood Spectacular at The Lagoon Restaurant Nth Wollongong

McDonalds Heathcote was a buzz when we arrived, but adequate parking was once again available for our Maserati cars.

With members and family twelve enjoyed coffee and breakfast before we ventured south to meet up with Stephen and Carmel Heywood and Richard and Lynette Walsh at our lunch venue.

 The old Princes Highway was in good condition where we headed off the motorway at Waterfall and we were able to enjoy some beautiful scenery as we wound our way past Helensburgh and down to Stanwell Tops. The main car park was full when we arrived, however the second lookout and car park was empty just waiting for our group to park. See Photos.

 The views were spectacular, matched by the glorious weather. The Sea Cliff bridge was in full view as was our journey down the coast all the way to Wollongong.

 Lunch awaited and so we descended the escarpment down onto the coast road and across the famous bridge, thankful we weren’t on the old road that had almost disappeared under fallen rock.

 We wound our way past all of the Nth Wollongong beaches before arriving at the turn-off into Stuart Park where our restaurant awaited.

 Now despite being told that the Wollongong cycling event was on at Lang Park, it wasn’t, Stuart Park was the venue and the roads were all closed. Being the Maserati Club we made it clear we were not leaving our cars on the street and walking 1km to the venue and so a path was devised so we could cause the least disruption to the event and still get to our destination.

Richard Walsh was in the restaurant car park to meet us and safely guided every vehicle into a reverse parking space all together. See Photos.

Unfortunately, Stephen and Carmel were delayed on the Macquarie Pass, however, by the time we sat down, viewed the menu and caught up with friends, they arrived making 16 for lunch.

 A wonderful long lunch was had by all, with the oysters proving the most popular entrée choice.

 Before too long lunch was over and we were saying our goodbyes in the car park, the light green Quattroporte was popular and received attention from front to boot.