Maserati Mid-Week Run to Warragamba Dam and Ambrosia

Maserati Mid-Week Run to Warragamba Dam and Ambrosia

Maserati Mid-Week Run to Warragamba Dam and Ambrosia

Traffic was heavy in the morning but not on all routes and so our arrival at the Coffee meeting point was a little spread out but gave time for more conversation.

Despite the traffic we left the M4 Service Centre on time and headed west. The drive along Mulgoa Rd took us past lush pasture, wealthy rural properties and through the quaint villages of Mulgoa, Wallacia and Warragamba.

We arrived at Sydney’s largest Dam and Water Supply and parked between the Silverado and Ford 150, the conversation immediately started up and there were offers to swap vehicles on the spot, obviously our new friends wanted a Maserati.

Given our new friends were responsible for the Dam grounds we managed to pick up some knowledge before checking out the visitors centre. The views of the dam and catchment from the lookouts were spectacular but unfortunately due to works happening we were not able to walk across the dam wall itself.

We did however drive to the dam wall viewing point and almost line up our cars in the photo. From the viewing point we could hear and see the water flowing over the spillway.

It was time to depart and head for The Olive Farm that hosts Ambrosia Seafood Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Western Sydney. We hit the shop first and all manner of farm produce was secured and piled into the car boots.

The menu is so comprehensive and yet there were three ‘main’ specials alone. Despite the quantity of food we managed to complete three courses, taste much wine and enjoy learning from our hosts.

After two hours we slid into our Maseratis and headed home in different directions but all enjoyed the return drive.