Maserati Members Dinner 2023

Maserati Members Dinner 2023

The stage was set and Maserati members descended on the Highland Whisky Bar at the Sir Stamford to wine and dine a welcome some new members.

Management reserved half the bar area for Maserati and all up 21 sat down for dinner and drinks and much conversation.

We welcomed brand new members Mark Patten and his partner Meow, and Maris Derums who was joined by his son Yanni and Yanni’s partner Amie.

The good new was that Yanni had raced Denis Cribbin in the V8 Utes and elsewhere and so much conversation took place between the two families as to who was the better driver, and then all the great times they had together. We did note that Irene, Denis’ wife sat with the ladies on a separate table to avoid the ‘old boy racing’ conversation!

Recent new members Lindsay Le Compte and his wife Sandra, and Leon Chan were also able to join and enjoy the evening; although Leon did forget the night was on, packed up and left his office on Saturday night when he realised, drove into the city and then went to the RACA before joining us at the Highlander. Yes he is always buying and pulling apart another car.

Core members of the club Richard Freemantle and Jan, Kim Hopmeier and Carrie and Richard Brown and Beatrice spread themselves around to share stories with and welcome our new and newer members.

The Committee was represented by Lucy Fino and of course Santa Valastro her husband and member who entertained many with his wonderful stories; and your club Captain David Stuart-Watt and his member wife Charlotte.

Our Guest for the evening was ‘mechanical engineer extraordinaire’ Baden who drove all the way to and from Blaney to be there on the night and talk to members about their cars. Given Baden had never been to the core CBD before he managed to drive across the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the first time in his life as part of his journey; he got home at 3.30am.

In case you were wondering, yes the Whiskey Bar does serve whiskey and a few glasses were enjoyed by members.

A few members then got up early the next morning and presented themselves at the Berry Car show where over 600 cars, including some Maserati. were on display!