Maserati Long Lunch in the Hunter Valley and Newcastle extension

Maserati Long Lunch in the Hunter Valley and Newcastle extension

On a cool but sunny Sunday the Maserati faithful gathered at McGraths Hill for the start of the run up the Putty Road to the Hunter Valley.

Not all the long lunch participants were with us as some had decided on a romantic weekend in the Valley and had stayed Saturday night.

In addition to coffee and a chat we were treated to a Cars and Coffee event in the car park starting after we had all parked our cars, it was so popular that even the aisle ways in front of our cars were parked out!!

New member Andrew with his wife Cara and their son drove down from the Hunter to join us for the run back, his gleaming red GranTurismo stood out in the crowd of cars, and we all were so pleased Andrew’s son enjoyed the parade of heritage vehicles and muscle cars filing into the cark in front of our eyes. Unfortunately they were not able to join us for lunch but did run right to Pescara so we could make our suitable goodbyes.

The Putty Road was in good condition as we ran a good pace, at the speed limit, to the half way café. The good news was the café was open again and so after a short break and new coffee we ran the gauntlet of roadwork traffic lights for the final section into Broke.

All was looking good for an on time arrival at Pescara until Kim’s Quattroporte let him down on the run past the vineyards. With Todd managing the rear and running his green machine with tools, they were able to limp the Quattroporte to the restaurant.


Vince, Jen and the Romantics were there waiting for our arrival as was Lindsay and Sandra who had been to a family 80th birthday in Port Stephens and was able to bring one brother and sister in law to sample Maserati hospitality.

What a wonderful location and superb lunch and after much eating, drinking and conversation we adjourned to Jen Nicita’s wonderful venue to enjoy coffee, dessert and treats overlooking the vineyards and beyond to valley views.

As the afternoon sped away, members headed to their next destination whether it be home or accommodation for the evening. Many thanks bestowed on Vince and Jen for their wonderful hosting.

Todd and Kim made a pact to head back to Sydney together and after regular updates and a few stops they managed to arrive home safely, thank you Todd for being you.

Kirkton Park hosted 4 Maserati couples that evening and given the restaurant was closed we were forced to go to the bar for drinks and bar food; it’s a hard life. After an evening by the fire we adjourned to prepare for the run into Newcastle for lunch the next day.

We woke with the car park being dug up but managed to protect all Maseratis and then headed for the Newcastle waterfront for a walk along the promenade and then a seafood lunch at Scratchleys.

The ocean beckoned and so we headed for Nobbys, Newcastle, Bar and then Merewether Beaches before driving the old highway down through Swansea and home.

Another wonderful Maserati event, thanks to our VP Vince Nicita for organising.

By David Stuart-Watt