Women’s PACE Project Event May 2022

Women’s PACE Project Event May 2022

Event Phone: 0425 282 201

  • May 14, 2022
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

This one is for the ladies!

PACE – Performance, Achievement, Confidence, Empowerment

The Women’s PACE Project is taking the lead in female empowerment programs and returns in 2022. Experience a welcoming path for cultivating confidence and honing an empowered mindset.

Activate clarity, inspiration and connect to newfound confidence through performance driving. Set a new PACE for your life as you adopt proven confidence principles and explore your potential, cultivate confidence and be empowered to achieve and thrive through the sport of performance driving. All we need is you, your car and your enthusiasm as we shine the light on your brilliance.

It doesn’t matter what you drive; the focus is you, as you level up your confidence. Discover strengths, values and navigate limits at your pace and as you set a path to success.

Created for women looking to explore and unleash their confidence, the Women’s PACE Project is geared to champion participation, celebrate achievements and goals within a supportive community resulting in increased confidence both on and off the track.

To find out more - visit the website link.

Date : 14/05/2022

Time : TBA

State : New South Wales

Web : https://www.trackdayclub.com.au/womens-pace-project-confidence/

Email : membership@maseraticlub.com.au

Contact Person : Dana Dupre

Phone : 0425 282 201