Breakfast Run to Lakeside December 2021

Breakfast Run to Lakeside December 2021

December Breakfast Run to Lakeside

By Ken Willimot & David Stuart-Watt

The last run for the year and what a great day: no lockdowns, no rain and a broad mix of different Maserati's in the run.

It was a pleasant drive through the green fields along the planes of the Nepean River with the blue mountains as a backdrop. Breakfast was a very generous serve at the Penrith Regatta centre.

The other important thing to note is that Richard chose the breakfast to show case his restored Moderna Yellow Maserati and take it on its first run.

Many members drove the Nepean River valley and visited the Penrith Regatta centre for the first time. The centre held reserve parking for the club and apart from breakfast and the conversation, the centre entertained us with the finals of the dragon boat races.

All in all a good way to complete the year with a sold out event.

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