Blue Mountains Misty Mountain Hop

Blue Mountains Misty Mountain Hop

Blue Mountains Misty Mountain Hop

By David Stuart-Watt

‘Our mid-week January run got underway at the M4 Service Centre, thanks to Colin Allerdice for coming out to meet us for coffee and a chat before seeing us off on our way.

For the first time in a long time we had two Levantes on the run and given the weather both Denis and Irene and Catherine Myers had chosen the right vehicles for the wet run to Medlow Bath; welcome Catherine.

The Heywood’s had travelled from Bowral and the aquamarine Quattroporte was easy to follow along the beautiful Great Western Highway, the gardens along the route were on full show after all the rain.

We jostled with the Mustang Club for a time before they turned off for lunch at Leura; turn out to be a good choice as there was fog and mist from Leura all the way to Medlow Bath.

We arrived at the Hydro Majestic Boiler House Restaurant right on time in what seemed like a misty winter scene; the beautiful view came and went many times as the clouds rolled through.

We all chose the two course set menu and the food was well presented and of a high quality; the table didn’t stop talking for 2.5hrs with everyone contributing to a very interesting discussion, and we found out that Denis, former resident, and Steve, current resident, lived within a few blocks of each other in East Bowral.

A great way the start the Maserati year.’