Anniversary Dinner 2023

Anniversary Dinner 2023

Well, if you weren’t there you really missed it.

The 34th anniversary dinner had 40 people for the ongoing Italian fair as the food and wine flowed. There was a big cheer and welcome for the new Club President David Stuart Watt. David held the floor with a future guideline to pave the road ahead that was well received, he spoke very well. Congratulations David.

The second cheer came for the new Maserati sales manager Alan Tran. It’s great to have dealer support and it didn’t take long to see Tony Graziani sitting next to Alan, with Tony sharing great stories and Alan hanging on every word. Thus, gives me an idea….” a Tony night,” with Tony Graziani recounting some of the old car dealing / Maserati war stories.

Special guests, our sponsor of the month Enzo Piazza from Berlina Body works, check your July newsletter for an update on Enzo and the team. Plus, David Hamer’s introduction from Lockton Insurance for the evening provides a great service for our Club in the UK, and potentially something for all of us in the future.

There was a 10th anniversary dinner in 99’ and then a large gap. I think the last couple of years have cemented the anniversary dinner as a highlight on the yearly calendar for our strong Club Maserati family.

Todd Gilmour.
Chief Judge.