Maserati Quattroporte IV

Maserati Quattroporte IV

The Quattroporte IV or Tipo AM337 was released in 1994, four years after the Quattroporte III had finished production and used many components from the Series 2 Ghibli range - in fact it was based on a stretched Ghibli platform and used an evolution of the twin-turbo V6 that was seen in other Maserati road cars.

It was designed by Marcelo Gandini whose credits include the Khamsin, Series 2 Ghibli and Shamal for Maserati and many Lamborghinis and Lancias. The Tipo AM337 has a feel of the Alfa Romeo 164 mixed with a Lancia Thema. Power for the car started with a 2-litre for tax purposes and the normal 2.8 litre and then later it added in the 3.2 litre twin-turbo V8 from the Shamal with a different tune. It was apparently the smallest version of all the Quattroportes built thanks to the Ghibli underpinnings.

When Ferrari took a 50% ownership in 1997 from FIAT, they undertook a modernisation program that upgraded half of the components fitted to the car. FIAT had bought Maserati from De Tomaso in 1993, so the transaction was simply a shuffling of the deckchairs! The improvements to the AM337 meant a differentiating name: the Quattroporte Evoluzione.

Production ended in 2001 with a total of 2,400 built with 500-odd 2-litre six cylinder models, around 1,000 2.8 litre six cylinders and 650 3.2 litre V8s. If you see one, then it will be a fairly rare beast, especially here in Australia!

Maserati Quattroporte IV Evoluzione