La Storia Event at Andrea Motori

La Storia Event at Andrea Motori

La Storia di Maserati Event at Andrea Motori


How do you cover over 100 years of history of Maserati in 2 hours?  The answer is - you can't!  There is so much to learn about the marque that frankly we ran out of time.  Our historian Bob Kimpton shared an overview of the history of Maserati sharing his knowledge, research and passion for Maserati.  He summed it up quite well, that it was about being part of the family of Maserati "La Famiglia".

On a Saturday morning Club Maserati Members met up at Andrea Motori Workshop where we were treated to excellent coffee and some Italian dolci.  As always Andrea and Jean-Claude were gracious in their hosting of this event and went to a lot of trouble to secure many different examples of Maserati cars which were on display throughout the workshop.  We also were treated with a rare Shamal on display that has less then 5,000 km on the dial with paintwork and interiors in pristine original condition.

Club President Stephen Wells was seen sporting a snazzy Maserati T-Shirt featuring the racing heritage of Maserati.  We soon learned that Maserati's heart is in racing and the marque was truly ahead of it's time.  Stephen will be sharing his blog on the marque soon so look out for that post.

Bob's dream is to see one example for each model of every Maserati made.  So far he has seen many rare models in his travels, notably at the 100 year anniversary in 2014, he shared many photos of rare Maserati that were displayed and gathered at the event in Italy, including the King of Spain's Maserati.

While this talk focused on the early years and the racing heritage, there is still so much more to learn about the road cars they made.  The model designers also played a key role in creating the many iconic designs, and we look forward to learning more about this topic in future events.

We would like to thank Andrea Vitale, Jean-Claude Balducci for hosting us.

The Shamal

The cars in the workshop